Cure Child Anxiety

Turnaround: Help for Your Anxious Child

Panic in Children is something we seem to hear more and more about. It's very sad, and can is extremely scary for those young ones who are trying to cope with Anxiety Attacks. Imagine being a child with anxeity. It's hard enough to overcome it as an adult, never mind being young and facing the fears and terrible sensations that accompany anxiety and/or panic. School Anxiety, sadly, appears to be growing in rapid numbers. There are ways to help your child. There is hope, help and healing for children with anxiety, just like there is for adults. My Anxious Child is an effective way to assist children with anxiety and give them a gift that's so precious- hope and healing. Resuming a life that feels 'normal' again.


Is your anxious child resisting school or activities, acting panicked or angry if forced to attend? Are they crying more, feeling sick, and not wanting to leave you? Are they obsessing over things such as germs, routines, or school work? Do they generally worry over many things? Is there family history of anxiety? Your child may be struggling with anxiety and needs help to overcome it.

What is Turnaround? Turnaround: Turning Fear Into Freedom is a multi award-winning audio treatment program that teaches your child how to stop anxious thoughts, calm uncomfortable feelings, and use effective strategies (CBT) to overcome anxiety. Your child will listen to an adventure story designed to capture their attention and teach them what anxiety is and how to overcome it. After each lesson, ten in all, your child will complete exercises in the Turnaround Journal that reinforce the material.

Cure Child Anxiety